It’s not that easy to find a reliable tenant for your property. The good ones usually know exactly what they want and they have higher standards than the rest. This is why you need to make an effort to upgrade your rental property in several ways.



A potential tenant needs to feel that you take care of the rental property as much as you care about your own home. It means that the property is clean and fully functional. Electrical installations, appliances, and furniture should be in excellent condition. This also applies to the exterior – check if there’s any garbage left in front of the property and move the garbage cans out of sight. Another thing is to hire a heating and cooling professional to check if the HVAC system works correctly – that will show a potential tenant you care about their monthly bills.

High-quality windows

High-quality windows are one of the things tenants will pay particular attention to. There are many reasons for this: firstly, they are highly susceptible to wear off. Next, they are one of the critical factors in reducing energy consumption, if they are chosen wisely. And lastly, they let the light enter the room, which makes a big difference to the tenant if they are large.

So, make sure the windows are easy to open and can be completely sealed, meaning they’re working properly. If the windows are older, consider replacing them instead of upgrading them, it will probably cost less, and the energy efficiency will be considerably higher. And the last tip: if there is a dark corner in a room, add one more window if possible. It is a one-time thing to spend your money on, and the appeal will be far better.


Proper doors

These are yet another significant moving part of a property, prone to damages as it is used many times during the day while being slammed, pulled and scratched in the process. All of the doors on your property should be carefully inspected. If you wouldn’t be satisfied with them at your own home, they probably won’t be satisfying for the tenant either. Also, don’t forget that the majority of rental neighbors are pretty noisy, and the entrance door is a good way of providing your tenant with some peace. Lastly, high-quality entrance door plays a good security role, which is something tenants may also look for.

Curb appeal

A potential renter will probably take a look at the exterior of the property first before they even contact you for checking out the interior. This is why many garden and landscape designers are frequently hired to make curb appeal as better as possible. Curb appeal is essential for both selling and renting a property.

However, there is a slight difference if you want to rent a property – then you should make it look attractive but also low-maintenance, as tenants usually don’t want to spend their time working in somebody else’s garden. The use of hardscape, made of stone pathways or gravel, will help the property look appealing without the tenant having to invest any time or money in it later.
To conclude

The best possible advice for making your property attractive to a tenant is to look at it as if it were your own home. The more thorough you are about the safety and quality of the property you are, the higher are chances for you to rent it out quickly and to a reliable person.

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