Living in a rental apartment is something most people have done at one point in their life. Some still do today, as a matter of fact. Rental is home, make no mistake. It doesn’t matter that you pay to live there and you don’t actually own it, but you live, laugh, cry, sleep there so that makes it the only home you have at the moment. And just like any home, it needs some upgrade or improvement from time to time, or just a few details to give it your own personal charm.

Although interiors are always more important, if you’re lucky to have an exterior space as well, then you should also personalise it and enjoy some fresh air and nice weather every chance you get. But not everything is permitted and the possibilities are limited, but that’s not a reason to give up on personalising your exterior space. There are still renovations you’re allowed to do, and here are some of them.

Create your own green heaven

exterior upgrades for renters

The easiest way to make an impact on your exterior is if you use your garden, well, for gardening. You don’t have to be an expert or have a green thumb, all you need is some effort and patience and soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful colours and smells. Choose evergreen and seasonal seedlings to enjoy the greenery throughout the year. Mow the lawn regularly and make sure that all the plants are trimmed and under control because gardens can quickly turn into overgrown chaos if not maintained and nurtured.

Turn your yard into an entertainment area

It’s a common misconception that the only perfect place for entertaining your guest or even having fun all by yourself is the house interior. Having a yard can make all the difference in the world if you organise it appropriately and carefully. You can install a miniature golf course or play darts, build a BBQ grill, place a kids’ swimming pool, arrange a nice dining set and place deck chairs under the tree to sit and chat with your friends.

upgrading your apartments exterior

Also, paint the flooring, plant some plants or use potted ones for decoration, build a path from gravel stones and add some decorations like wind chimes, lanterns and small solar lamps. Really, when it comes to the yard you should think big and use all the space you have. It can be an asset and relieve the pressure from needing to renovate the interior to accommodate all your needs.

Use your balcony for “me” time  

how to update the outside of apartment

Balconies are never too big and are usually enough for some pieces of furniture and potted plants. But what many people neglect is their potential to become your own space to enjoy some “me” time or have private conversations with dear people. So think about some designed solutions, such are these by Correct Constructions which can contribute to the look and atmosphere, like a retractable awning which you can easily remove when moving away. Repaint the balcony railing and add a sitting area which you can use for sunbathing or drinking tea. Some greenery is desirable, but don’t overdo it because you want to make the most of the space you have.

Windows and doors

outdoor rental upgrades

When it comes to your house’s facade, there isn’t much you can do since that falls under some serious renovations. Fortunately, windows and doors don’t need much to look great and the majority of work you can do yourself. Details like painting the doors and window frames can make all the difference, especially if you choose some vibrant colour to accentuate them.

You can decorate the doors with small mirrors or draw patterns on them. Even changing the door knob or handle can make them look interesting, especially if you choose some vintage look. Brass is the most usual choice, but it will make your door look classy. And if you add a metal knocker, you’ll certainly make your door stand out in the neighbourhood. When it comes to windows, shutters will give your house that cottage-like natural look, and also provide protection from the sun. Consider placing some hanging pots with colourful flowers and maybe a bird feeder.  


creating a relaxing apartment yard

Every place where you spend a good portion of your time needs your touch. When it comes to your rental place, where you sleep, eat, relax and after all live, it’s very important to make it your own the most you can and are allowed to. Whatever changes you plan to make, keep in mind that you might be asked to remove them when you cancel your lease, so take that into consideration, along with the costs and your desires, before starting any renovation. Other than that, don’t let the perfectly good space go unused and wasted.

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