For millennials, a huge factor of where to move is the proximity to work and fun things to do. While a car can be a burden in some cities (i.e. parking and heavy traffic), lack of availability and accessibility of public transportation is worse. For all, you hustle-and-bustlers out there, Whose Your Landlord has a list of the cities with the best public transportation so you can navigate your city with ease and a metro card!


It is no secret that the most populated city in the US also has the fastest and most accessible public transportation system. On the island of Manhattan alone, there are over a million jobs within a thirty-minute walking distance, so it makes sense that the city has one of the largest subway systems in the world.


Known for having one of the cleanest public transportation systems in the nation, the Metro in DC operates as a two-fold: there is both a rail and bus system. Both the Metrorail and Metrobus systems have a stop at major landmarks, tourist destinations, and popular intersections.


San Francisco 

Because the city is so compact, city dwellers in San Francisco find it easier to get around by public transportation! San Francisco Municipal Railway, or Muni for short, is the network of bus, streetcar, trolley, and cable car lines within the city. They have a stop in every tourist destination, shopping and residential areas in the city.


Southeastern Public Transportation Authority, or SEPTA, is the collection of bus routes, trolleys, subways, and trains that transport Philadelphians in, out and around the city. The regional rail lines are the most impressive, with shuttling residents from the suburbs of Philadelphia in and out of the city daily.


The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or the T for short, is comprised of subway, bus, commuter rail and boat lines to get in around the city with ease.


The RTD in Denver offers a unique option for people with a car in the city. To complement the bus, rail, and Skyrail services,Park-n-Rides have free to low cost parking lots around public transportation options so you can get door-to-door service.

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