No need for the pricey gym membership- get fit right in your home while using these 6 household items!


Whether you live in a home or an apartment- you most likely have the original StairMaster- your steps! Walking up and down steps burns 4-16 calories, depending on your weight, so run up and down your flights of stairs for a quick calorie cut.



We all know that moving is heavy lifting, so replicate the experience in a daily workout. Fill up a cardboard box with books, picture frames, magazines or other household items. Hold the box while you do squats or lunges for added weight.


Your floor isn’t the only place to do a push-up. Try a vertical push-up using your counter top. Stand several feet away from the counter and place your hands a little closer together than shoulder-width apart. From there, make sure you completely keep your body flat as you push down so your chest touches the counter, then come back up, and repeat.


Lever weights aren’t just found in the gym- your couch can be used as a makeshift one. Squat on one side of your couch, curl your finger on the bottom of the couch and lift it. once you are standing upright, hold the couch for a few moments, then put it back down and repeat.


Got milk?

Using 2 gallon jugs of milk (usually weighing approximately 8.5 lbs. each) are a great substitute for dumbbells.


Pull ups

For under $20, purchase a doorway pull-up bar. Secure it in your bedroom doorway, and just like that, you can get in all of your pull-up, chin-up, and leg raise reps. For a complete pull-up bar workout routine, click here.

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